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Azure Dynamics’ Series Hybrid Shuttle Bus Successfully Completes Altoona Testing

Azure Dynamics’s series hybrid shuttle bus (earlier post) ration has successfully completed the durability testing at the US Government’s bus certification test facility in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The successful completion of this test qualifies Azure’s gasoline series hybrid drive system for federally-supported hybrid bus purchases by public transit agencies across the United States.

The series hybrid chassis. Click to enlarge.

The series hybrid electric shuttle bus is based on Azure’s G1 platform with a GM 4.8L Vortec gasoline engine powering the generator. The bus is built in partnership with StarTrans. Depending on drive cycle, the hybrid bus reduces fuel consumption by up to 40%, reduces maintenance costs by 25% and is anti-idle compliant.

The FTA New Model Bus Testing Program is designed to promote the production of better transit vehicles and components and to ensure that transit customers purchase safe vehicles able to withstand the rigors of transit service. The program was established in response to legislation included in the 1987 Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act. This legislation required all new and modified bus models to be tested before being purchased with federal funds.

The Altoona Bus Testing and Research Center was established in 1989. The Pennsylvania Transportation Institute (PTI) operates and maintains the facility on behalf of FTA.


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