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Cyclone Power Tests Engine on “Fuel Cocktail”

Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. has tested and successfully run its external combustion Green Revolution Engine (earlier post) on a mixture of kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, biodiesel and diesel.

The “fuel cocktail” generated sufficient thermal energy to power the Cyclone engine, registering average BTUs between that of alcohol on the lower end and diesel on the higher end. Additionally, despite the profound difference in chemical compositions, BTU levels and consistency of these five fuels, the test did not require any modifications to the Cyclone engine or its fuel injector.

This has profound implications for American consumers. With a Cyclone engine, you may soon be able to fill your tank with any fuel or fuel mixture that is inexpensive or abundant at that moment. Choice, like it did in the telecom industry, could eventually give consumers some leverage over the oil monopolies.

—Harry Schoell, Cyclone CEO and engine inventor



I note the link to the patents Office, Not really suprised though that It didnt work for me.
I can only guess that this little pressure cooker would be a cantidate for nuclear powered portable plant.
Any more details?


Here is the web site:
I would suggest checking out two other companies that are public. Axial Vector AXVC and Truck Turbine TTEG . Bothe of these have unique engine designs that run on multiple fuels. Axial has an engine that produces 3 x the torque of normal gas engines and is more efficient.
The Cyclone engine uses external combustion where the other two are internal. The turbine engine does not use pistons both it and the Axial have a much lower part count and higher efficiency. Axial can make a 5 HP engine that is 8 inches long and weighs 3 lbs. All three are very interesting.

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