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The all-electric KillaCycle (earlier post) made drag racing history at Pomona this past weekend, becoming the first electric-powered vehicle to make a seven-second pass in the 1/4 mile.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack from A123Systems, the Killacycle made the run in 7.824 seconds and reached 168 mph.

The 186 lbs of A123 Systems Nanophosphate cells were all warmed up and ready to deliver the 500 HP they were designed to. We had been having some trouble getting this insane amount of HP to link to the track, so we were trying out a new brand of tire (27? x 10? M&H Racemaster) Our bet paid off when the bike linked up hard to the cold track and posted our best ever 60 ft time (1.14).

The bleachers were quite full with folks that were waiting to see the KillaCycle make a pass. The bike sped by the stands, the only sound being the growl of the tire clawing for a grip on the cold track. I knew it was a fast run, but we all were completely blown away when the board lit up with 7.82 @ 168 mph.



Next generation KillaCycle will feature 1,000 horsepower, AC drive, and be able to race with top fuel bikes.


AES, do you have that on good authority?


Yes, from the owner of the bike - I was there on Saturday, actually. Check my site for pictures and a video.


Cool! Thanks.


A meaningless demonstration of an electric vehicles acceleration since well over 100 years a "20 ton" electric street trolley could spin it's wheels too...


"The 186 lbs of A123 Systems Nanophosphate cells were all warmed up and ready to deliver the 500 HP "

wow and the phev a123 pack for the prius is only 175 lbs. So the kilowatt storage is probably around 7? If he had enough juice to do the quarter mile 4 times in a row before needing to recharge then someone do the math for me!

so does that mean if I replace the electric motor with a fast one I can get 500 horse in my prius! oh man i would make a mustang look like **** just the expression of those gas guzzlers would make me squeal when I smoke them.


Rasertech have a 500 hp motor about the same size as Prius MG1. I'd like one at each corner. ;)



The KillaCycle pack has 1,200 individual cells in the pack that add up to around 186 pounds, 2 cubic feet, and 9.1kWh - AFAIK that does NOT include the weight of the aluminum box it's stored in. The A123 PHEV pack for the Prius has a little more packaging - cooling fan, electronics, etc - that add slightly more weight. That pack stores 5kWh.

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