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Logan Renault Eco2 Concept Hits 71g CO2/km at Challenge Bibendum

The Logan Renault eco2 Concept (earlier post) covered the 172.20 km route of the 2007 Challenge Bibendum on 4.69 liters of diesel fuel. This performance works out at an average fuel consumption of 2.72 liters/100km (86.5 mpg US) and CO2 emissions of 71g/km.

During NEDC combined cycle homologation tests for the vehicle, Logan Renault eco2 Concept achieved a score of 97g of CO2/km, equivalent to fuel consumption of 3.8 liters/100km.

The lower result resulted from the driver’s use of the Gearshift Indicator and highlights the importance of the eco-driving factor, according to Renault.



Sounds like a great car.
So sell it to the public ( even 100 or so ) and see what it is really capable of.

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