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Swiss engineering firm Kruspan Engineering has modified an electric minicar—the Hotzenblitz, manufactured by Treffpunkt Zukunft—with a battery pack of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) cells from Kokam.

The Hotzenblitz.

The car now has a single-charge range of 350-400km (217-249 miles), compared to the 50-70 km delivered by the original lead-acid gel battery pack. Full speed is around 130km/h (81 mph), depending upon the motor drive system. The conversion, says Kruspan, “is a demonstration of the possibilities of today’s battery technology, when they are used in light and efficient cars.

The new 39 kWh battery pack can be recharged overnight (13 hours for a full charge) at a conventional 230 VAC plug with 3.3 kW.



If it's $15K or less, sign me up. Otherwise it's a bit small for a bigger price tag. Love the range but the recharge time needs improving.

Richard Norman

Has a dealer network been set up yet? And if not when it does let me know.
The United States Of America needs this car!!!!!!!!!

Charles S

I think it's unrealistic to demand electric cars with good specs to be "cheap" for the masses. EV startups do not have the mass-production capability to bring the costs down, and battery technology only recently received enough attention to warrant significant investments.

I also think it's high time that people view the value of a car based on features, not just on size. Small hatchbacks with roof racks will do just fine as a commuter and a people mover. The few occasions where one has to move furniture or appliances, I'd rather pay someone to do it (and save my back), or rent a truck for a few hours.

At this point, even if EVs are priced competitively, it is impossible to replace EVERY car in the world with EVs. For those of us who have multiple cars in the household, a short-range EV will be a good replacement for that 2nd or 3rd car.

Niche market is probably the right place for EVs to start. I think it's stupid to be shooting for a "perfect" car when there is no way to compete economically against the establishment.


6 miles per kWh isn't great for such a small car. VW's "one-litre" chassis should be capable of around 25 miles per kWh.


Early days - it still looks a bit funny, and the range and performance are a bit limited for inter-city use, but perfect for in city use.

Nice to see LiPo coming out.

I think we will see a lot of these cars over the next few years - as soon as a market is established.

They would make great 2nd cars, or else you design a "car swap" system as follows: You buy one of these, and for a bit extra, you can swap this car for a different car (ICE / larger) for occasional long trips / heavy work. You use your own insurance (with mods).

Thus, you get the benefits of a small car, with occasional access to a large one, as required.


I'm not a big fan of Kokam's technology - it does poorly in cold weather. Look to Hybrid Tech's taxis in New York city as a prime example of that.

Jim G.

is that LiPo as in Lithium Polymer or as in liposuction :-)

This thing looks pretty nice. Anyone know if this is a full crash-tested vehicle or a "city car" or NEV type thing subject to different safety regulations, geographies and conditions?


It says the range is tested in the Swiss Mountains so it isn't just flat ground. Without using some new high voltage charger (charging on 230Volts should extend battery cycles), that charge time is OK. Suspect if you're trying to get home another 30 or 40 miles away after a ~220 mile trip, a couple or 3 hours(or less) should get you home. I'll walk around the town & see the sights till my Hotzenblitz is charged(someone in town'll have a standard plugin instead of a fancy Hotzenblitz plugin). Hey, I can do the Stevens Pass-Leavenworth-Cle Elum-Carnation run(know exactly where to charge up)! Lots & lots of scenery(that I ain't pollutin' up with ICE). I'll take it!

Axel Schweigert

I was test driving the Hotzenblitz last summer in Villach, Austria. It's a great feeling driving that car, producing no noise and still moving.

Treffpunkt Zukunft is looking for capital to start the serial production of this car. Anyone who is interested to invest please contact Treffpunkt Zukunft (

Snow White

i'm living in Houston, TX, where many streets are often flooded after a big rain, i would like to know how deep in water this car can still run without getting circuits shorted ?



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