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New Holland Agricultural Equipment now supports the use of B100 biodiesel in all equipment with New Holland-manufactured diesel engines, including electronic injection engines with common rail technology.

Overall, nearly 80% of New Holland-branded products with diesel engines are now available to operate on B100 biodiesel. New Holland has also asked other suppliers of diesel engines used in New Holland-branded products to test and approve higher levels of biodiesel.

In addition to extensive testing and development within the company, New Holland has been involved in an ongoing research project in collaboration with Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences to put B100 to the test under real-life conditions.

Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences is operating new, unmodified New Holland tractors on B100 biodiesel on their 1,500-acre research farm to find out what diesel equipment owners can expect to experience when they use B100. After nearly two years of use, the tractors have performed with no adverse effects in performance or maintenance, according to Glen Cauffman, the university’s manager of farm operations and services.

Paul Trella, New Holland Director of Product Marketing for Under-100 HP Tractors, stressed it is essential to use high-quality biodiesel produced to ASTM D6751 standards from a reputable supplier who can offer consistent fuel quality to ensure optimum performance and engine durability. It is imperative that consumers use nothing less than this quality. With the use of approved fuels, it is also essential that biodiesel be used in strict compliance with proper handling, storage and maintenance requirements to maintain the integrity of the fuel.

Details of the models that can run on B100, as well as New Holland’s requirements and recommendations to do so safely, are available from New Holland dealers or on the New Holland Web site at



Why even do this? Why not admit that biofuels don't solve the most important issue of all time - the escape of CO2 into our atmosphere. Look, this substance should be classified as a New (Holland's) poison. It comprises .0378 percent of the air we breath which is why it is causing so much trouble. The new IPCC standard should be to drive this number below 0.0178 no later than 2012... when the Mayan calendar ends.

What's the point of growing food if we cannot breathe the air?

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