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New Oxygen Sensor for Delphi Multec EFI for Motorcycles

Delphi’s Multec Electronic Fuel Injection portfolio for two-cylinder motorcycle engines. Click to enlarge.

Delphi Powertrain Systems is introducing a new, smaller and lighter Mini-Switching Oxygen Sensor for its Multec Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems for one- and two-cylinder engines. By controlling the air, fuel and spark delivery in engines, Multec EFI improves one- and two-cylinder engines’ performance and fuel economy while reducing emissions.

In Multec EFI applications, the Mini-Switching Oxygen Sensor provides closed loop control of exhaust gases to help manufactures meet current and future exhaust emissions standards by providing more accurate engine control and better exhaust system diagnostics. The sensor also enables flexible fuel operation for a variety of applications.

The smaller size and weight of the Delphi Mini-Switching Oxygen Sensors allow significant flexibility. They offer performance advantages versus conventional conical sensor technology including faster light-off time and a low-wattage heater. They can also help achieve lower cold-start emissions compared with conical sensor designs, according to Delphi.

Compared to other switching sensors, Delphi Mini-Switching Oxygen Sensors offer a pumped air reference feature and an isolated ground. They also feature waterproofing, a high-temperature internal seal (which helps provide robust reliability) and Delphi’s poison-resistant coatings.

Delphi has been supplying Delphi Multec EFI to motorcycle manufacturers since 1997. The system typically consists of an engine control unit, fuel injectors, low power consumption fuel pump, air control, sensors, ignition coil, and evaporative emissions canister.



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