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Report: Tata to Launch Electric Indica in Europe by 2009

Business Line. India’s Tata Motors, working with a non-Indian collaborator, is targeting an electric version of the sub-compact Indica for the European market, slated to be launched by 2009.

“We are working on converting Indica into an electric platform for the European market,” said Mr V G Gujrathi, Senior General Manager, Engineering Research Centre, Tata Motors to Business Line on the sidelines of an auto event organized by SIAM here.

The Indica.

For the domestic market, Tata Motors will launch a mild hybrid version of the Indica in 2008. The company said that all-electric Indica would not suit the Indian scenario as the domestic market is yet to mature.

The conventional version of the subcompact Indica uses a 4-cylinder, 1.4-liter gasoline engine with maximum output of 39 kW (52 hp) and maximum torque 83.4 Nm (61 lb-ft).


Max Reid

A Bold Initiative.

They are also planning Hybrid for Indian market.
Seems Toyota's dominance will be challenged.


i would like to know, how many players are there in electric vehicle market in india ( four wheelers)


Hybrid cars must be introduced in India soon. All developed countries are switching over to hybrids based on rising fuel prices and environmental issues.
Hope gov provides some subsidies for these vechiles....

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