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San Francisco International Airport (SFO), in conjunction with Hythane Company (a subsidiary of Perth, Australia-based Eden Energy) and BAF Technologies has received a $499,800 grant to acquire 14 parking lot, hotel, and airline crew shuttles to run on Hythane fuel (a blend of 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas).

The award represents half of a special Bay Area Air Quality Management District grant set aside for advanced technology demonstration programs. This grant will facilitate the replacement of existing gasoline-powered and diesel-powered airport shuttles with Hythane versions of the shuttles which are expected to decrease emissions.

Specifically, the Hythane-fuelled shuttles are expected to reduce NOx by 56%, non-methane hydrocarbons by 30% and carbon dioxide by 40% over the existing vehicles. The Hythane model is also expected to outperform comparable natural gas shuttles by emitting 30% less hydrocarbons and 20% less carbon dioxide.


Bike Commuter Dude

Good, good, and good.


In the early 90s, LAX was running Chrysler minivan EVs powered by NiMH with quick charging for shuttles. They were clean, but I would imagine that the deep cycle life of the batteries became apparent.

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