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Avis London Uses Electric Bikes for Delivery and Collection

Avis, the car rental company, now uses a fleet of electric bikes for its deliveries and collections around London (UK). The bikes are provided and operated by Avis’ supplier Vehicle Enhancement Services (VES).

The Avis e-bike.

VES had previously worked with Avis for just over three years, before tendering to become the service provider for vehicle preparation, delivery and collection, and site transfer. As part of its tender, VES proposed that Avis became the first rental company to substitute gasoline-driven bikes with electric-powered vehicles in London, to minimize pollution.

VES invested in buying additional batteries and charging equipment to minimize downtime and ensure optimum use of the electric bikes. As with the existing 2-stroke gasoline Hopper Bikes on the VES fleet, used for delivery and collection around London, the new electric versions are easily collapsible for stowage in the trunk of a car. They are equally robust and reliable.

The electric bikes have a range of 20 miles before requiring recharging. Currently 40% of Avis’ London deliveries, operating out of Park Royal, Euston, Mayfair, Earls Court, Waterloo, Tower Bridge, London City Airport and Croydon, are fulfilled using the electric bikes and this is set to increase next year.

Earlier this year Avis added 20 Prius vehicles to its UK fleet, following in the footsteps of Avis Germany’s introduction of natural gas VW Tourans. In 2005 Avis Portugal introduced 50 hybrids. Scandinavia also offers its customers the option of renting one of more than 400 ethanol-powered vehicles.


Thomas Lankester

2-stroke 'farty' bikes produce a disproportionate amount of local pollution as well as being a noisy irritant.

If the replacement electric bikes fit the EU pedelec definition then the riders will also be able to cut their journeys by making use of cycle lanes and paths.


Sure hope those electric bikes have better reliability than my electric bike. I love EBs, but mine has to get more reliable.

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