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Honda Expects 10% of Global Sales from Hybrids by 2010

In his end of the year speech, Honda President and CEO Takeo Fukui said that Honda envisions that hybrid models will account for approximately 10% of Honda’s global automobile sales by around 2010. Hybrids represented about 1.5% of Honda’s global automobile sales in 2006.

Achieving that 2010 goal—which would equate to about 400,000 units—relies heavily on the success of Honda’s planned introduction of a new dedicated hybrid vehicle in 2009. (Earlier post.)

The new dedicated hybrid vehicle will be equipped with a newly developed lightweight and compact IMA (integrated motor assist) system and offered at a more affordable price level base on Honda’s efforts to significantly reduce cost. The worldwide sales plan for this vehicle is approximately 200,000 units annually.

Honda will also introduce a new sports hybrid, based on the CR-Z introduced at Tokyo Motor Show, will be sold globally. Honda will also begin gradually to expand subcompact models equipped with hybrid systems.



That CR-Z had better be nice, because Toyota's probably working on a hybrid Supra. I'm tired of paying for gas and I think my dream of a hybrid Supra is approaching. Here's a video of one in action, they switch off the motor about halfway through and go on wheel motors alone:


This is still testing, but I still haven't seen a CR-Z drive yet.

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