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Odyne Receives Order for 25 Plug-in Hybrid Lift Truck Systems from Dueco

Odyne Corporation has received a purchase order for 25 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle systems from Dueco, Inc., one of the nation’s largest utility equipment manufacturers. Dueco will install the systems to power the first plug-in hybrid electric aerial lift trucks used by utility companies to maintain electric, telephone and cable lines. (Earlier post.)

Dueco has been accepting orders for these vehicles since the launch of this new technology at the ICUEE trade show in October.

The system will provide the fuel efficiency and emission enhancements, typical of a hybrid vehicle, while the truck is traveling to and from the work site. While at the work site, the Odyne Stored Energy System will power all of the necessary job-site related equipment directly, including the aerial lift device, air conditioning and heating, with the engine off.

Odyne and Dueco estimate that the vehicles will reduce fuel consumption by approximately 6-10 gallons per day, eliminate on-site engine emissions, as well as eliminate on-site noise.


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