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Traction Technology and Optare to Develop Series Hybrid Buses for UK

Traction Technology Plc, a UK-based designer and deliverer of diesel-electric series hybrid systems, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Optare Group, one of the UK’s leading bus and coach designers and manufacturers, for the joint development of a range of single-deck series hybrid vehicles for the UK bus market.

The first prototype vehicle based upon an Optare Versa with Traction’s supercapacitor powerpack is expected by Spring 2008.


Subject to the satisfaction of certain fuel economy and emissions targets, Optare has taken an option to build a minimum of 10 vehicles during 2008 for sale to various operators in the UK.


Traction’s hybrid systems are already on trial with four separate bus companies in Merseyside, Suffolk, Sussex and with Epsom coaches on behalf of Transport for London.



Hrmm but what type of series hybrid is it.

Is it one which runs primarily on liquid fuel, or one which runs primarily on grid electricity.

Reality Czech

Supercapacitors usually do not have the energy capacity to run a vehicle for significant distances; they excel at regeneration, though.

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