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Steyr Motors and Frauscher Bootswerft to Launch Diesel-Electric Hybrid System for Pleasure Boats

Austrian companies Steyr Motors and Frauscher Bootswerft will introduce a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system for pleasure boats at the upcoming Boot 08 show in Düsseldorf in January 2008.

Steyr Motors collaborated on the development of a naval diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system with Bitter GmbH and High Tech Drives GmbH in a two-year project which wrapped up in June 2007.

The hybrid drive to be deployed in the Frauscher boats supports all-electric propulsion up to a speed of 5 knots, and then switches to the combustion engine. The electric motor then boosts the combustion-powered propulsion for a quicker entry into planing, thereby lowering fuel consumption and improving response and dynamics.

The electric system also eliminates the need for separate generator units for other onboard equipment. The Steyr Electronic Control Centre (SCC) regulates the driver’s demands and provides convenient monitoring of all operating modes.

Details of the system will be released at Boot 08.



Since "pleasure boats" seems to refer to boats small enough to go "on plane" this is very good news. I used to have to start my diesel boat in the harbor, and fill the air with black smoke, before I got a direct injection diesel. But the exhaust still smelled bad. With this a person could back out of the slip, leave the harbor and fire up ol stinky once out on open water. Plus the reduction in noise polution. But as usual, no size of the battery, nor AER, nor cost has been provided yet.

Cliff Smith

We have discussed this topic a few times over at SplashVision; about what the marine industry is doing about going green. We are also supporting the effort and will continue to bring blog posts abd information about the marine industry approach of going green.

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