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California Air Resources Board staff is proposing that $25 million in Proposition 1B Bond early grant funding go to diesel emission reduction projects for the South Coast, Central Valley, San Francisco and San Diego air districts, mostly for truck retrofits or replacements. These recommendations will be before the entire Board for approval at a January hearing in Sacramento.

ARB also announced that it plans to allocate more than 75% of the overall $1 billion in Bond 1B funding to be used toward reducing diesel pollution from trucks associated with goods movement around the state. The remaining 24% of funding, $240 million, will be earmarked for diesel emission reductions from ships, harbor craft and locomotives.

The staff recommendation for early grant projects include:

  • $13.8 million for Los Angeles/ Inland Empire South Coast AQMD to replace 130 port trucks in lease-to-own program and replace 130 other trucks.

  • $5.7 million for Central Valley San Joaquin Valley APCD to retrofit 450 trucks and to replace 60 pre-1996 trucks.

  • $0.8 million for Central Valley Sacramento Metro AQMD to replace 15 trucks.

  • $3.4 million for Bay Area Bay Area AQMD to install grid-based shore power at 2 ship berths and to retrofit 75 port trucks.

  • $1.3 million for San Diego/Border Region San Diego APCD & 5 partners (incl. Imperial APCD) to replace 10 pre-1995 port trucks or to retrofit up to 115 port trucks, and to retrofit 115 trucks in Imperial Valley.

ARB staff is basing its proposed distribution of funds to specific air district projects using three criteria: population, the contribution of emissions from goods movement sources, and the need for new emission reductions to meet federal health standards. Staff also leaned heavily toward projects that would have benefits statewide. Thus, trucks traveling from the Los Angeles ports to the Inland Empire, highways 5 and 99 in the Central Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Diego border region will achieve emission benefits far beyond their home of origin.

Proposition 1B was the transportation bond put on the ballot by the Legislature and before the voters in November 2006. The 2007-08 Budget, signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in August, funds the initial $250 million of the $1 billion set aside for air quality improvement projects in Proposition 1B.



This is a laudable step. And once again shows the leadership of California in addressing transport related air quality issues. Let's hope the pols and interests don't squander the $1B the bond set aside.

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