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Biofuel Centre at Napier University Focusing on Biobutanol

The Times. The Biofuel Research Centre at Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland (earlier post) is focusing on developing biobutanol as a second-generation biofuel.

The centre opened last month and is designed to bring together industry, government, academia and the public to further research and understanding of second-generation biofuels. The most promising line of development now focuses on butanol, a fuel that potentially can be produced by fermentation from a diversity of organic material, including waste products from industrial processes, thus ensuring that the raw materials and harvesting involve no extra emissions.

[Martin] Tangney adds: “We are putting together an EU consortium to identify dominant waste products across different regions and assess how many could be used to produce fuel.”


David Redick

please put me on your info/news list

Bob Burnette

Our company is interested in biobutanol technology using non-agricultural feed stock(s)

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