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Dole Switches Harvesting Equipment to B20 Biodiesel

Dole Fresh Vegetables Company, a division of Dole Food Company, Inc., has switched all of its harvesting equipment in Salinas, California and in Yuma, Arizona over to B20 biodiesel fuel.

Dole has been testing B20 Bio Diesel since August in farm equipment and off road vehicles with what the company says are very positive results.

The US EPA has determined that B20 biodiesel produces 20% less unburned hydrocarbons than conventional diesel as well as less carbon monoxide and particulate matter.



another moves toward 100% safe environnement!


Oh PiccoloSocrate....Better sharpen up your pen on the bad effects of bio fuel.


what would have been a good move would be that the waste from the production of food be turned into bio-fuel. Just using it, doesn't actually mean that much.

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