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Isuzu Leaving the US Passenger Vehicle Market in 2009

Isuzu Motors America, Inc. will discontinue distributing new Isuzu passenger vehicles in North America effective 31 January 2009. The discontinuation of passenger vehicles results from the prospective cessation of production by GM of the Ascender sport utility vehicle and the i-290 and i-370 pickup trucks.

It has always been our intention to remain in the US market. However, we were unable to secure any commercially viable replacements for these vehicles.

—Terry Maloney, president and COO

Although Isuzu will cease supplying passenger vehicles in North America, it will continue to stand behind its customers and dealers. Specifically, Isuzu will continue to honor all product warranties and roadside assistance programs and will maintain its owner-relations call center.

In addition, to assure long-term service to its customers, Isuzu will be offering all current, US Isuzu vehicle dealers the opportunity to continue on as service dealerships for Isuzu.


Healthy Breeze

This makes sense. The US vehicle market is not growing much compared to developing countries. The US vehicle market is expensive to address. Isuzu had negligible share and brand, and GM was not a great partner, either. US companies might not compete in the US either if they didn't have to.


I miss my 50 mpg highway Chevy Luv diesel pick up truck (made by Isuzu). It was $6k new with stick shift.


I don't miss my $4200 88' 53MPG gas Ford Festiva. I still have it. Maybe that is why Isuzu 'ran out of gas' in the U.S.


The buzzards were circling a long time around this company. I remember the Trooper of years ago, why didn't they continue perfecting that vehicle? Their stuff just never seemed to catch on in a big way.

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