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Altair Nanotechnologies CEO Steps Down

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., a provider of advanced nanomaterials technology for use in energy, life sciences and industrial applications, announced that Alan Gotcher, Ph.D., has agreed to resign as an officer of the company and that the Board of Directors has begun a search for a new Chief Executive Officer. The Board has appointed Terry Copeland, Ph.D., to serve as interim President.

Dr. Copeland joined Altair Nanotechnologies on November 13, 2007 as Vice President, Operations for Altairnano’s Power & Energy Group. Dr. Copeland’s duties have included leading global operations and supply chain management for Altairnano’s lithium titanate battery products.

Prior to joining Altair Nanotechnologies, Dr. Copeland worked as a general manufacturing and technical consultant from 2004 through the end of 2007. From 2000 through 2003, Dr. Copeland was the Vice President of Product Development at Millennium Cell, Inc., a development stage company working with alternative fuels. From 1992 through 2000, Dr. Copeland worked for Duracell, a leading consumer battery company, where he held positions as Director of Product Development (1998-2000), plant manager (1995-1998) and Director of Engineering (1992-1995).



Well, THAT doesn't bode well.


I'd guess that Altairs challenge is the old catch 22 of production capacity, cost and sales. They have a great product, they just need to get their price down to no more than $800/kwh to get the breakthrough sales.


These battery prices would have fallen significantly by 2010. I wonder if potential buyers are just waiting, and waiting more.


what i really wonder is what made them *ask* him to step down. no details in the PR, of course...

Good technology, good product, proven operation (Phoenix) but no partnering with major players. Those deals are the job of the CEO. Gotcher, may be a good scientist, but not good at marketing. They have set the bar pretty high - hope they can hang in there to see some returns.

i didchenko

What's going on? Why did the CEO retire or was asked to leave. Sounds bad. Should people sell their stock? A terrific product should have done well.

John Doe

just testing

John Doe

just testing

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