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China FAW Group Fires Up First V-12 Passenger Car Engine

China FAW Group has successfully fired up China’s first self-developed V-12 engine, the CA12GV, at the FAW Technology center. The engine is to be targeted at high-end luxury cars.

The CA12GV.

FAW Group began working on the engine in February 2007, and in October, completed the preliminary design and prototyping. FAW said that the V-12 filled a gap in the domestic market, and will lead to developing V-8 and V-6 engines as well.

The V-12 engine features an advanced combustion system, dual VCT (variable cam timing), a full-aluminum lightweight design, advanced NVH (vibration, noise and comfort) structural design, the three-tier silent chain drive.

Manufacturing will begin in April 2009.



And this is green how?


Jesus H Christ!!
Not a good omen. Looks like they're going down the Detroit path.

Tim Haynes

you're right. this is definitley the design strategy of detroit. they will directly compete with american car manufacturers, in the american way, and they'll win because they can beat any sticker price we can come up with without slave labor.

keep your eyes peeled for the us media to demonize chinese products for sale in the USA. oh wait, they already have. now we all equate chinese stuff with dead children and a dirty environment.

funny how they can shift the focus away from our own problems, thus escaping further public criticism temporarily. is that their fault or ours?


Let's see, Packard put the first V12 production vehicle the "Twin Six" on the market in 1916. Which makes this offering nearly a full century behind. If all the "miracle" thinking follows this path, maybe those gloom and doomers are right. Don't forget - Safety First!



What a waste!

we are all doomed!

Charles S

I'm certainly not pro-China (government) and yet, I also believe there is much smearing against the Chinese, at least for political and financial gains. All that said, tainted products from China, even if just by a few greedy businessmen, has done plenty for us to question the safety of Chinese products.

If price alone is the only factor in selling cars, then companies like BMW and Ferrari would never make it today.

The Chinese have an uphill battle when it comes to luxury branding. Even the Japanese companies have to fight hard against the popularity of European luxury brands in their DOMESTIC market! I think the Chinese definitely will have a big role when it comes to future manufacturing of cars, but luxury branding will take some time.


High end market? Not for the US market. You can use the engine to pimp your ride though.


The reason for plummeting quality rep, abandonment of Olympics and outrage from honest environment activists - is the reprehensible human rights policies of the government. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others condemn the backward totalitarian policies of the minority government. Abuse human rights - international reputation for goods, services crash. Karma.


about time, china is a big country with huge domestic and international market for such a vehicle. After all china only produces luxury goods (weapons). Japanese cars are not good because there are no exclusive international market for them

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