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Ford’s Flexifuel Sales in Europe Increase 60% in 2007

Ford of Europe sold 17,500 E85 Flexifuel vehicles across Europe in 2007—a 60% increase compared to the previous year and a sales record. In January, Ford had announced a sales record for 2007 across its entire European vehicle range (including Flexifuel), with a 5.4% (93,500 units) increase to 1,833,600 units vs 2006.

Ford has sold more than 45,000 Ford Flexifuel units since market introduction in Sweden seven years ago. The all-new Mondeo, the Ford Galaxy and the Ford S-MAX will be made available with Flexifuel powertrains from early 2008, and join the existing Focus and C-MAX Flexifuel line-up.

While the majority of these flexible-fuel vehicles (FFVs) have been sold in Sweden, the two current models—the Ford Focus and C-MAX Flexifuel—have progressively been made available in 16 European markets, including Sweden, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Denmark—with more likely to come.

Bioethanol E85 fuel is available at a rapidly increasing number of fuel stations across Europe (currently, more than 1000 fuel stations offer E85 in Sweden; outside of Sweden, there are at least 375 E85 filling stations).



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