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ICRC Wins Fischer-Tropsch Diesel Research and Testing Contract with Air Force

Integrated Concepts and Research Corporation (ICRC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VSE Corporation, won a US Air Force subcontract supporting the Advanced Power Technology Office (APTO) to research, demonstrate and sustain the incorporation of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) fuel in diesel engines.

Under a two-year subcontract agreement with Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), ICRC will provide technical support to facilitate the testing of FT fuel blended with conventional petroleum-derived JP-8. This 50:50 blend will be evaluated in base storage facilities, Air Force ground support equipment, and Air Force ground vehicles. Potential ICRC revenues under the subcontract are estimated to be $1.38 million over a two year period.

The longer-term goal of the broader Defense Assured Fuels Initiative, which this project supports, is to ultimately use unblended FT fuel in virtually all military equipment in future decades.

ICRC has established a successful record in alternative fuels research and testing, including several contract agreements with the Department of Energy and the Federal Transit Administration, some of which involved the production, testing and demonstration of FT diesel fuel. ICRC has previously evaluated the usage of the synthetic fuel in transit buses and other diesel vehicles in Fairbanks, Alaska, Washington, DC and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Research, demonstration and testing will take place at Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan. ICRC will install its on-board data acquisition system to accumulate engine operational data from the engines’ electronic control systems over the duration of the evaluation period.

ICRC is a diversified technical and management services company that serves the government market. The company’s core expertise lies in information technology, advanced vehicle technology, aerospace, engineering and transportation infrastructure.


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