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Indonesia May Set Mandatory Use for Biofuel At 2-2.5%

Jakarta Post. The Indonesia National Biofuel Development Committee has suggested the government make it mandatory for biofuels to constitute 2 to 2.5% of the nation’s total fuel consumption.

That level of blend would equal 1.2 million to 1.5 million kiloliters (kl) per year. The committee has suggested that the policy come into effect in July before it’s tenure ends in August.

The policy would be imposed in every region across the country, not only in Java and Sumatra as previously proposed.



Ah... the good old kiloliter... why not simply calling it a cubic meter? Probably because everybody could understand...


Probably because it's a liquid. And people think of liquids as litres, although the kl is not used a whole lot but my guess is that it is a direct quote from some report.

My major concern is that the source of this is palm oil and that it is not being produced in a sustainable fashion. Not only that, this maybe used as an excuse to cut down rainforests and then not even plant oil palms in it. The Indonesian gov't is notorious for doing stuff like that.

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