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Paradigm Sensors Launches Handheld Biodiesel Analyzer

Paradigm Sensors launched its proprietary handheld biodiesel analyzer, which tests in the field for total glycerin, acid number, blend percent, and methanol, at the 2008 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.

The Paradigm i-Spec Q-100 handheld analyzer tests the quality as well as the blend percent of the biodiesel to help assure that the biodiesel blend being used is in spec.

Our research indicates that our handheld analyzer will be the only field instrument to be able to measure methanol and blend percent in minutes and it is the only handheld analyzer that can test for total glycerin, acid number, blend percent, and methanol within minutes with readings that are consistent and reliable.

—Dr. Charles Koehler, Paradigm Sensors



I hope these units will be available at a reasonable price lots of home brewers will benefit,
I guess aviators, tuners, independent garages would love this type of equipment. good idea.


The demand for this device will indicate the success of small capacity biodiesel plants. I wish them good luck.


From the price sheet I saw at NBB, it was about $5K. The test cartridges are around $20; it measures 4 parameters.

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