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PECO Fueling Fleet with B20

PECO, an electric and natural gas utility subsidiary of Exelon Corporation serving southeastern Pennsylvania, is now fueling all of its approximately 580 utility trucks with a B20 biodiesel fuel blend.

The PECO fleet consumes approximately 15,000 gallons of fuel a week and spends more than $5 million a year on fuel for its fleet.

Currently PECO’s alternative fuel fleet includes one prototype hybrid bucket truck, 43 hybrid SUVs and seven natural gas powered vehicles. Combined with the 580 trucks using biodiesel, this brings PECO’s alternative vehicle total to more than 630.

PECO has contracted with the Energy Cooperative, a local non-profit with members throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, to supply the biodiesel, which is blended with petroleum diesel from Sunoco and delivered to PECO sites.



Good. Hopefully they'll continue to raise the blend percentage over the next four years to B80 or better.

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