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Brazil’s Petrobras has approved the creation of a tripartite company with private partners Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Camargo Correa S/A to undertake the conceptual and basic phases for an ethanol pipeline that will be built between Senador Canedo (GO) and Paulínia (SP). The project, to be executed under Petrobras’ responsibility, also includes a second section that will integrate the Tietê-Paraná Waterway to the Paulínia Terminal.

The ethanol pipeline is part of the Ethanol Exports Corridor, which starts at the Senador Canedo Terminal, in Goiás, and goes through Uberaba, in Minas Gerais, and Ribeirão Preto, Paulínia and Guararema, in São Paulo.

From the Guararema Terminal, the pipeline extends to the São Sebastião Terminal, on the Northern Coast of São Paulo and to the Ilha d’Água Terminal, in Rio de Janeiro, via the already existing OSRIO polyduct, which will now be used solely to transport ethanol.

Around its main trunk, between Paulínia and Guararema, the ethanol pipeline will be capable of transporting up to 12,000,000 cubic meters (3.2 billion gallons US) of ethanol per year, some 4,000 via the Ilha d’Água Terminal and 8,000,000 million through the São Sebastião Terminal.

Petrobras will place this ethanol pipeline at the market’s disposal as a transportation service to allow efficient ethanol shipment to the export harbors.


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