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Toyota to Introduce Production iQ at Geneva Motor Show

At the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota will unveil the production design of its all-new small car, the Toyota iQ. First shown as the Concept Car iQ at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show (earlier post), iQ will go into production in late 2008.

The iQ.

Two centimeters shy of three meters in length, the iQ has a versatile interior that can accommodate three adults, plus luggage space or seating for a fourth, child passenger.

The small size has required no compromise in safety standards, with a strong passenger compartment safety cell that ensures optimum impact energy absorption.



Looks more attractive than the Smart FourTwo to me.

Then again I have zero use for such a vehicle and would only possibly buy one 16 years from now when my children have completed college.


It is supposedly going to be a 1.0 litre engine which might have start/stop capability.

No info on the mileage of the thing. It is also only going to be sold but where else but europe only. Wish these guys would get it in their head to also try to sell these things in N.Am.

For the majority of driving that people do, a smaller car is quite feasible. According to the bureau of travel statistics, the average passenger load is less than 2 people but in the US the largest segment of the vehicle market (sold) is the light truck segment which includes SUVs and minivans.


if they won't get at least 65mpg

this car will be a big failure;

why should one consider this car and not the fiat 500 or vw up or a daihatsu cuore or .... ?


Yeah, the majority of driving time I do is solo [4 days a week]...except I do most of my miles in 2 days when I have two other passengers.

I have exactly one parking spot authorized (Motorcycle fits sideways at the top with sub-compact parked in front).

In my situation, I don't see the market for it. Maybe for those people I work with who choose to live 30 miles away so they can find a house where they can park 3 or 4 vehicles.

Nor would I want to purchase two separate cars and double my insurance, double my maintenance (time & money), double the amount of space I need for parking.


Add to the above commentary the facts that we are becoming increasingly a one- and two-person household nation, and that most of our commuting is of the sub 50-60 mile RTs.

I suspect that these SmartCars and iQs will be rousing success stories when they become available, much like the VW Bugs were back in the '60s. Their size and looks will give them the aura of a true "personal" car and endear them to their owners, especially the women, provided the gas mileage is something to crow about. Never mind the size disparity with today's SUVs/RVs. The early Bugs were similarly dwarfed by the finned land yachts of that era.

As a Nissan retiree, I'm waiting to see when their 1-liter small car will be available. That's one liter per 100km (not engine size!) which translates to 78 MPG. Now that's more in my ballpark.

Charles S

Well, in my neck of the woods, small cars only equate to negative sentiments. Even if one has good intentions to save gas by going smaller, most will view downsizing as a loss; that one has to give up something for the sake of another.

I've always prefer small cars, because I see it as a superior vehicle compare to the oversize, overpower, overweight counterparts out there. Unfortunately, the current culture does not see it that way, and it is very hard for me to see any change to that.

That's one liter per 100km (not engine size!) which translates to 78 MPG.
Nope, that's 3l/100km.  A one-liter car gets 234 MPG US (3.7854 l/US gallon, 1.609 km=1 mile).

Culture is a dynamic thing. Buy a small car and help change it.


Thank you, E-P! You're right of course. It should be 3L/100km not 1L. My mistake.


i can't wait. i will have one and sell my jazz


i can't wait. i will have one and sell my jazz


This is all good, but how much will it tow? ;-)


When can we buy iQ in the U.S.? Does anyone know?


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