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US Algae Association Hosts Business Plan and Networking Forum

The US National Algae Association is hosting a business plan and networking forum on 10 April in The Woodlands, Texas, at which early stage algae production companies will showcase their ventures in front of an audience of algae researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and lenders.

The deadline for all business plans and white papers is 28 March 2008. Business plans will be reviewed by the executive committee for potential commercialization production of algae. Only 10 business plans will be picked to present to the National Algae Association quarterly meeting.

The three most promising early stage algae production companies will be recognized at the close of the program.



Good. These early algal projects need lots of support and interest from the investment community. Considering that some type of liquid fuel will be needed for aerospace and heavy hauling as well as the E-REV and HEVs fuel tanks for the next twenty years - these startups represent significant ROI. Algae may just turn out to be the 21st century "Texas Tea."


Algae ethanol and diesel just might be the wave of the future...too early to tell at this point though.


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