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Canada’s Atlantic Provinces To Set Single Biofuels Standard

CBC. Canada’s Atlantic provinces have agreed to set a single standard to encourage the use of biofuels in the region, according to Prince Edward Island Development Minister Richard Brown.

While Central and Western Canada have already set blend standards or taxation policies to support the use of biofuels, there are no such requirements yet in Atlantic Canada.

...P.E.I. Development Minister Richard Brown told CBC News Wednesday that governments have agreed to set a single standard, and he has laid down some basic principals. “It has to be good for the farmers, it has to be good for the environment and it has to be good for the consumers of Prince Edward Island,” said Brown.

The first question will be what biofuel makes the most sense for the region: biodiesel made from canola or another oilseed, or ethanol made from corn or another type of crop. Brown said he personally favours biodiesel, but there will be much more evaluation and public discussion on the issue before any standard is set.



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