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DOE Awarded $18.3M to Nuclear Industry Consortia for GNEP Studies

The US Department of Energy (DOE) last week awarded $18.3 million to four industry teams to further develop plans for an initial nuclear fuel recycling center and advanced recycling reactor as part of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP). (Earlier post.)

The awards include $5.9 million to EnergySolutions; $5.7 million to the International Nuclear Recycling Alliance, led by AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; $5.5 million to General Electric-Hitachi; and $1.3 million to General Atomics.  These firms will further develop detailed studies that build on conceptual design studies, technology development roadmaps, business plans submitted earlier this year by these four industry consortia.

DOE will use the information and recommendations provided by these studies, as well as other information and analyses, to determine the cost, feasibility and technical aspects of proposed GNEP activities.  In January 2008, the four consortia presented their analysis to DOE, which helped determine where additional studies were needed and provided the basis for the awards.  DOE may make another round of awards for additional GNEP studies later this year.



Reminds me of the fast breeder liquid sodium cooled reactors we had up and running in the early 90's.


"Reminds me of the fast breeder liquid sodium cooled reactors we had up and running in the early 90's."

yes, they are in fact just a logical development of those experiments, several of the GNEP Gen IV reactors are fast reactors with either lead, molten salt or liquid sodium as the coolant:

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