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Imperial College London and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in R&D Alliance

Imperial College London and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia have signed a US$50 million Academic Excellence Alliance which will see joint collaborations in research, curriculum development and academic recruitment.

Imperial will work with KAUST, a new international, post-graduate research university opening in Saudi Arabia in 2009, during its first years of operation to enable it to build up its academic staff and curriculum in materials science and chemical engineering.

The partnership will push forward research in a range of areas including carbon capture; hydrogen rich fuels; membranes; materials for high stress environments; structural ceramics, including fuel cell materials; energy engineering; process systems engineering; materials for clean power generation; fluid mechanics; and biomaterials.

KAUST has also signed Academic Excellence Alliances with Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin and University of California-Berkeley.



Is it just me?? But isn't this like Hugh Hefner funding Abstinence.


DS: LOL, they know that the oil boom will end some day, and they probably don't want to go back to camels. Think of the solar power potential of the KSA. With all those flooded oilfields they'd have huge reservoirs for heat storage to combine with thermal solar.


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This puts the Saudis in the position of gatekeeper over alternatives to their product.

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