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ISE Corp To Market Biodiesel to its Heavy-Duty Hybrid Customers

ISE Corporation (ISE), a supplier of hybrid drive systems for heavy-duty vehicles, and a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG), one of the nation’s largest producers and marketers of high quality biodiesel, have entered into an exclusive co-marketing agreement to market REG-produced biodiesel to ISE hybrid drive system customers.

ISE will market and promote REG-produced biodiesel to certain approved customers in conjunction with ISE’s hybrid drive system products. The use of biodiesel to fuel ISE’s diesel-hybrid drive systems will enable customers to further lower their greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to the NOx and PM emissions reductions already enabled by ISE's diesel-hybrid drive systems.

Initial target market segments will include transit buses, refuse vehicles and port drayage vehicles in the United States. Under the agreement, ISE will introduce REG-produced biodiesel to certain ISE hybrid drive system customers. REG will contract directly with such customers to provide high quality B100 biodiesel and injection equipment which allows biodiesel to be mixed with petroleum diesel at any blend level. ISE will assist REG in identifying customer depot locations, number of vehicles, existing fuel tank sizes, and potential locations for biodiesel utilization.


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