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ITM Power plc, the developer of a low-cost home electrolysis unit for hydrogen production (earlier post) is collaborating with Roush Technologies Limited in a project to put hydrogen combustion engine vehicles on UK roads.

Roush Technologies, which already has extensive experience in the commercial vehicle sector, will be responsible for both adapting existing internal combustion-engines in vehicles and researching the development of new power units to utilize hydrogen fuel. ITM will provide its electrolyzer to enable individual vehicle operators to generate their own hydrogen fuel.

This agreement will enable both parties to jointly offer a complete package of hydrogen refuelling systems and hydrogen vehicles to customers. It is anticipated that first sales will be to large commercial or local government organizations that wish to demonstrate a commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Marketing to third parties will commence as soon as possible, according to the partners.

The 10 kW ITM Power electrolyzer has now been operated at 75 bar pressure—its design point. During January 2008, the Company announced that it had operated an electrolyzer stack at low pressure using inputs in excess of 25kW, and another smaller unit at a pressure of 50 bar.

ITM has constructed an electrolyzer stack and operated it at 75 bar using the ITM designed balance of plant, thus demonstrating all the components of the HRU at full specification pressure for the first time. During these tests, an electrolyzer stack was pressure tested to 110 bar, and then operated under the control of the refueller unit to self pressurize up to the maximum design operating pressure of 75 bar after which it repeatedly filled an external portable pressure cylinder to the same pressure.

Earlier in March, ITM Power signed a contract with Bi-Fuels Limited to test and jointly assess hydrogen/diesel bi-fuel technology. Under the terms of the contract, Bi-Fuels is committed to develop and test technologies for Hydrogen:Diesel co-combustion in common-rail engines for ITM which are applicable to ITM’s proprietary materials and processes.



Joy, just what we need, another Hydrogen 7 chucking carbon in the air.,1518,448648,00.html


Greenwashing scam.


It seems like 75 bar is not going to make it. You would probably need much more than that to get any range, that would mean a multistage compressor, which uses more energy.

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