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New Flyer Receives 1,253 Bus Orders; 248 Hybrids

New Flyer Industries Inc. has received orders over the last three months for up to 1,253 buses (1,549 equivalent production units, EUs) for a combined value of more than US$603 million. Of these, 248 are hybrids.

Of the orders, 874 buses (918 EUs) are new orders and 379 (631 EUs) are exercised options. These orders are for a variety of vehicle configurations, including 35-, 40- and 60-foot buses and diesel, hybrid-electric, and compressed natural gas (CNG) propulsion systems.

The largest of these recent new orders was awarded by Metropolitan Transit System in San Diego, CA totaling $151 million, which included 50 40-foot CNG buses with options for an additional 300 buses as well as an order for 12 35-foot gasoline-electric hybrid buses with options for an additional eight buses.

Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) in Cincinnati, OH awarded New Flyer an order totaling $101 million for 24 40-foot clean diesel buses with options for an additional 270 buses. The award also included an order for six diesel hybrid buses. This contract represents the first order New Flyer has received from SORTA.

Other bus orders recently awarded to New Flyer include:

  • Chicago Transit Authority in Chicago, IL has exercised options for 150 60-foot hybrid buses (300 EUs).

  • Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV has ordered 47 40-foot CNG buses with options for an additional 30 buses.

  • Mississauga Transit in Mississauga, ON has ordered 69 40-foot diesel    buses.

  • Calgary Transit in Calgary, AB has exercised options for 20 60-foot (22 EUs) and 30 40-foot clean diesel buses.

  • TransLink in Vancouver, BC has exercised options for 42 60-foot hybrid buses (84 EUs).

  • Oahu Transit in Honolulu, HI has ordered 10 60-foot hybrid buses (20 EUs) with options for an additional 20 buses.

  • Hamilton Street Railway in Hamilton, ON has exercised options for 22 40-foot clean diesel buses.

  • Other new contracts and exercised options total 143 buses (197 EUs).

New Flyer’s backlog as of the end of February 2008 was 7,478 EUs, which represents an increase of 41% in comparison to the 5,313 EUs in backlog at January 1, 2007.



CNG hybrid would be good. Some economic theories say that you should repair and replace infrastructure and equipment during slow times. Do not borrow for tax breaks and war, save your borrowing power for when you really need it to make investments in the future.

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