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Project Better Place Expands to Denmark

DONG Energy and California-based Project Better Place have signed a letter of intent to bring the mass-marketed electric vehicle and infrastructure project to Denmark in 2011. Project Better Place’s first deployment is to be in Israel. (Earlier post.) DONG Energy is a Northern European energy company based in Denmark, and is primarily owned by the Danish government.

The Danish government will provide tax incentives on 100% electric vehicles, Renault will supply the electric vehicles and Better Place Denmark will construct and operate an Electric Recharge Grid across the entire country. Nissan joint venture AESC has developed a Li-ion pack that meets the requirements of the Project cars, although the Renault-Nissan alliance reportedly is also considering cells from A123Systems. (Earlier post.)

With this project, we hope to contribute substantially to reducing CO2 emissions from Danish cars. At the same time, we will achieve a new way of storing the unstable electricity output from wind turbines, as EVs are typically charged during the night, when the exploitation of power generation is low. This provides optimum exploitation of our resources for the benefit of the environment

—Anders Eldrup, CEO of DONG Energy


Harvey D

V2G or B2G would be very advantageous for night time recharge + wind power storage during overproduction periods and visa versa. Altair's 15,000 cycles batteries would be a good choice.

Clean wind/solar power availability + small size, high population density, countries are ideal places for PHEV-40+ and BEVs.

andrew rose

well thats a bit of turnaround, only last year the Danish Gov
were waxing lyrically about how Denmark was going to become
europe´s first hydrogen economy .
I guess its all that low- lying land of theirs , if much
more ice drops the antartic ice shelf Denmark has the possibility
of becoming an ex- country !

raymond bonnaterre

Denmark, is a European country with a very cautious transport policy. SUV's content for new 2007 vehicles was one one of the weakest in Europ with 3.3% coming from 4.2% in 2006. For comparison SUV's 2007 numbers were 25% in Switzerland and 22% in Norway.

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