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Toyota to Build New 1.3L Engine in Wales

Toyota Motor Europe will invest about €115 million (US$179 million) to produce new four-cylinder, 1.3-liter engines at its factory in northern Wales.

Production is due to begin in late 2009.

The move is part of Toyota Europe’s efforts to supply engines with low carbon dioxide emissions and superior fuel economy to Europe to meet strict environmental regulations there.



Honda has a 1.3l I4 in their U.S. Civic hybrid. You can get 140 hp out of a small displacement engine with NG and a turbo. If Honda combined the Civic GX NG car with the Civic hybrid and made it dual fuel gasoline and NG, they might have a winner. Make it series/parallel like the BYD and it might just be unstoppable.


Mine is not a comment but a suggestion,in NIGERIA DER IS NO body building cars and i will suggest if ur company can come here especially in OSUN STATE TO CONSTRUCT WHERE U CAN BUILD CARS,IT WILL boost ur income and d economic condition of d state and NIGERIA AS A WORLD.I WILL APPREciate dis if u can do it.

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