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UQM Technologies Delivers Motor for Use in Fuel Cell Switch Locomotive

UQM Technologies has delivered a PowerPhase 100 motor to Vehicle Projects LLC for use in a fuel cell-powered switch locomotive under development by a consortium including Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company, the US Department of Defense, and led by Vehicle Projects LLC of Denver, Colorado. (Earlier post.)

The UQM motor provides up to 55 kW of continuous power to drive the twin-screw compressor for the first stage of the two-stage air system of the fuel-cell powerplant. The switch locomotive is currently under development, with field testing scheduled to begin later this year.

At 127 tonnes (280,000 lb), continuous power of 220-250 kW from its proton exchange membrane fuel cell system, and transient power well in excess of one megawatt, the switch locomotive will be the heaviest and most powerful fuel cell land vehicle to date.



ONSI has been making a 25OKW MCFCs for quite a while. They run on natural gas and could power a locomotive like 10 years ago. It is nice that UQM got the design win, but I can not figure they they use a PEM for this.

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