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Valence and Securaplane Considering Partnering on Li-ion Pack for Aircraft

Valence Technology, Inc. is working toward a long-term agreement with Securaplane Technologies, Inc. to develop a customized lithium-phosphate battery pack for use in aviation power applications. The deal would make Securaplane one of the first suppliers to offer lithium-phosphate technology for aircraft applications.

Under this agreement, both parties have consented to work towards finalizing a long-term contract where Valence will be the sole provider of rechargeable lithium-phosphate batteries for Securaplane’s aviation energy storage systems, including select mainship and emergency backup power applications.

We believe the combination of Securaplane’s charging, packaging and high-level integration design with Valence’s expertise in lithium-phosphate battery technology can help us develop a superior product that meets stringent aviation regulations for safety. We look forward to partnering with Valence and making a positive impact in avionics by being one of the first to bring the benefits of lithium-phosphate to the aircraft industry.

—Mike Boost, chief technology officer of Securaplane

Securaplane Technologies, Inc. is a supplier of avionics products for commercial, military and business aircraft including airborne video and security systems, power reserve and conversion equipment, and essential wireless technologies.


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