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American Electric Power, one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, has ordered 18 International DuraStar Hybrid diesel utility trucks (earlier post). The addition of the 18 additional hybrids will bring the total number of hybrid utility trucks in AEP’s fleet to 22—giving AEP the largest fleet of diesel hybrid utility trucks in the country.

The additional 18 hybrid units are expected to be delivered this summer, of which 13 will operate in Indiana Michigan Power’s fleet. AEP has nearly 1,500 International trucks in its fleet.

The DuraStar Hybrid trucks can provide fuel savings of nearly 60% in utility-type applications when the engine can be shut off, but electric power still operates the vehicle. Diesel emissions are completely eliminated when the hybrid truck operates equipment (like overhead utility booms) solely on the truck’s battery power, instead of requiring the engine to run.

The Hybrid Truck Users Forum estimates that 1,000-1,500 gallons of fuel can be saved per utility truck annually. At today’s high diesel prices, that equates to a savings of $4,000-$6,000 in fuel per truck annually. It also results in annual greenhouse gas reductions of 11 to 16.5 tons of carbon dioxide per unit. AEP expects to save $72,000-$108,000 in fuel costs and eliminate 200 to 300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over a one-year period with this order of 18 trucks.

International DuraStar Hybrid trucks employ a parallel-type, diesel-electric hybrid architecture that is supplied by Eaton Corporation.


American Electric Power is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, delivering electricity to more than 5 million customers in 11 states. AEP’s utility units operate as AEP Ohio, AEP Texas, Appalachian Power (in Virginia and West Virginia), AEP Appalachian Power (in Tennessee), Indiana Michigan Power, Kentucky Power, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, and Southwestern Electric Power Company (in Arkansas, Louisiana and east Texas). AEP’s headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio.




As an electric utility, I would imagine that they use NG. They could make these trucks NG hybrids and do even better on the fuel costs and air quality.

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