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BYD Auto Plans Full EV for China in Two Years

WSJ. BYD Auto plans to introduce a mass-market electric vehicle in China in about two years. The BYD e6 vehicle has a projected range of 300 km (186 miles) on a single charge. BYD plans to bring the same car to North America and Europe eventually.

BYD Chairman Chuanfu Wang said the BYD e6 electric car, due to be unveiled to the media Sunday at the Beijing auto show, will hit the Chinese market around 2009 or 2010.

BYD has already unveiled two plug-in hybrid models: the F6DM (Dual Mode, for EV and HEV) and the F3DM. (Earlier post.)

BYD Auto is a subsidiary of China-based BYD Group, the leading provider of NiCd batteries (65% global market share) and lithium-ion cell phone batteries (30% global market share). The company is developing its own large format lithium ion iron phosphate batteries for use in hybrids and electric vehicles. BYD is also designing the motors, control systems and software for the DM technology.



LiFePO4 tech is patented by UT Austin, you can bet china is not paying them a red cent in royalties so you can almost bet they wont sell these here to avoid having to pay IP fees. Oh and BYD is a direct clone of BMW. BMW is sueing to no avail for trademark infringment then again china does not care much about IP or trademarks.

JD is right. It's the LiFePO4 technology that will enable this, and China can't sell any of their cars here without paying all the royalties they'll owe UT Austin (including royalties owed on cars sold in china).

In otherwords, this car will NEVER make it to the US. Your closest option will be the GM Volt, and whatever the other Automakers provide us with while paying royalties where royalties are due.

No problem though. The BYT auto will be a crappy ride. In the meantime, what BYT will do is make OPEC completely * thier pants.


About chinese cars safetty... Yeah, maybe not as safe as major automarket players. But wait, what if we compare any "unsafe" chinese car safety features with Harley, or any other bike on Highway??? Does any bike have any airbags??? how about side impact and roll over resistance? Yeah, lets crash Harley at 40mph to concrete wall ... oops... 100% fatal. Guys, do not be insane! First, all bikes should be banned form HWY use and only after that chinese cars can be called unsafe.

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