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Citroën Refreshes the C2 Supermini; New Diesel Engine

The new C2.

Citroën has refreshed its C2 supermini with some design changes and a new diesel engine. From May 2008, depending on the country, the C2 diesel range will be available with the 110 bhp HDi engine and particulate filter. The 1.6 liter 16V HDi 110 engine made its debut on Citroën’s C3 range.

The engine consumes 4.4 L/100 km (53.5 mpg US) for CO2 emissions of 119 g/km. As a result, the C2 HDi 110 DPFS carries the Airdream label which identifies Citroën’s most efficient models.

Like all Citroën HDi diesel vehicles, this version can run on fuel containing up to 30% biodiesel without any adjustments. The new powertrain joins a range that already includes six engines:

  • Five gasoline engines: 1.1i (61 bhp), 1.4i (75 bhp), 1.4i 16V (90 bhp), 1.6i 16V (110 bhp) and 1.6i 16V (125 bhp); and

  • One diesel engine: HDi 70.

Delivering 80 kW (110 bhp DIN) at 4,000 rpm and maximum torque of 240 Nm (177 lb-ft) at 1,750 rpm, the HDi 110 DPFS engine delivers a fast response with a linear increase in power and strong acceleration from the lowest engine speeds. For strong bursts of acceleration, the overboost function kicks in, delivering up to 20 Nm of additional torque.

The Stop and Start microhybrid system will still be available on the C2 with the 90 bhp 1.4i 16V engine. With the Stop and Start system, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are around 10% lower over an urban cycle and 15% lower in heavy traffic.

The C2 Stop & Start combines two technologies: the SensoDrive automated gearbox and an electronically controlled reversible alternator. With this system, the engine cuts out just before the vehicle comes to a standstill (traffic lights, traffic jams, etc.). It starts again automatically and instantaneously as soon as the driver takes his or her foot off the brake pedal to move forward again.

Citroën has sold in more than 480,000 units of the C2 across Europe since its launch in 2003.



How about selling just one to me in the USA?

Rafael Seidl

@ Rich -

Citroen PSA doesn't appear interested in entering the US market anytime soon. They focus mostly on small-to-medium-sized cars with modest engines (the above article is more of an exception), with no luxury models other than the C6. With $100 oil, it's quite possible there may now be a market for their products in North America that did not exist a few years ago, even if they are very French.

Chances are, the company would first try to establish a foothold in francophile Quebec. Apparently, this was briefly considered in 2006 but nothing has come of it.



The fuel-economy of 4.4 L / 100 k does sound good. This would be a good car to sell here in the US, what with the soaring fuel-prices here.

I only hope that they price this car sensibly (i.e. not more US$ 12 K). Currently, there seems to be no alternative to getting ripped off by the European luxury-car brigade, or the Japanese & Korean syndicates, or the homegrown US-carmaker-clique, wherein we keep forking out > US$ 25K for our new car, while knowing all the while, that Tata could perhaps deliver the same car to us for US$ 10K.

Tom Street

Given the value of the U.S. dollar, if Citroen were to offer one of their cars for $12,000 would not be sensible, it would be insane.


I think it's more likely that we may see a new small turbodiesel in the upcoming four-door Ford Fiesta sedan for the US market about 18 months from now. Thanks to new emission control systems, Ford could put in a 1.5-liter Duratorq turbodiesel engine in the Fiesta and we may be talking about fuel efficiency at least in the mid to high 40's average in miles per US gallon based on the current EPA testing standards.

Harvey D


Renault, Hyundai and GM tried to build cars in Quebec but our glorious major unions, with strikes every other week, convinced all three to leave.

Bombardier is having the same problem and may have to do the same soon.

Unions are just too strong around here. They like to pick on large employers and strike themselves out of a job within a few years.

For the moment, the small Zenn e-car is assembled here, but it won't take long before major unions move in and Zenn will have to move out to Mexico, China, India or Eastern Europe if it wants to survive.

stas peterson

Just another dirty diesel, that wouldn't meet US clean air regs, nor US safety regs.


Wow! A Citroen that actually looks good!

I dunno, maybe I'm just WAY behind the times but I've always associated Citroens with those beastly-looking four-door autos of the post-WWII era that they produced back some 40+ years ago. You know, the ones with the self-leveling suspension systems.

God, but they were UGLY! Or at least homely to the point of tears! As I recall, one of the largest new/used car dealers in Chicago back then would NOT ACCEPT a Citroen as a trade-in on a new car, the only one to EVER carry that distinction.

This model actually looks like an attractive vehicle and with the right gas mileage numbers. Citroen finally got their act together.

oh snap

Oh snap nigger!! Its a Toyota.


Snap - it isn't a Toyota - that is the C1 - this is the C2, it slightly larger brother.

The Citroen DS (55-75) is considered to be one of the better looking cars (for its time) over here in Europe.

From a maintenance point of view, however, it would have been a bit of a handful.


No mention was made of the gearbox.
I would think that a turbocharger would be in order or should be offered as an option as VW offered in the last century.
Do like the B30 capability though as jatropha-based biodiesel does seem to be viable in the future, if not at present.


FYI: This 1.6D 110hp 4.4 L/100 km (53.5 mpg US) is a joint engine project between Ford and PSA Peugoet Citroen (how ironic), and as such has found its place in everything from the C2 to the Focus, to the Mazda3 and the Volvo C30/S40 it's that good.

Shame then that Ford can't do the same globally (not blaming them, it is marketing after all)... but yeah 177 lb ft, 57mpg (48USmpg) Volvo S40... yes please (and this engine is 5 years old already).


Tony Walsh

I am on my second C4 diesel, the latest has egs and glass roof, they are brillant, I get at least 1100klm out of a 60ltr tank useing b20 biodiesel, by the way that's city driving, out on the highway i get about 4/4.5 ltr or better sitting at the legal speed 100kph, the turbo is realy good outstanding peformance from a 1.6 ltr engine.
Diesel fuel costsabout A$1.60 a ltr, aprox 10cents more than premium petrol. The C4 hdi has a 5 star safety rating pedestrain rating is 3 star, every safety feature available, fixed hub steering wheel.

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