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Daimler to Launch smart fortwo in China in 2009

Daimler will begin selling the smart fortwo in China from mid 2009. Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, made the announcement at Auto China Beijing 2008 show, which runs through 29 April.

The smart fortwo heads to China.

China has become the world’s fastest-growing automobile market and is now the second largest vehicle market. Seven million new driving licences are issued each year in the People’s Republic. Urban density is also increasing; another Chinese city attains the size of New York every ten months.

Those factors, combined with the development of market demand for other attributes besides functional transportation (e.g., environmental impact, style) led Daimler to the decision to introduce the smart, which the company thinks will do well in the China market.


John Taylor

Daimler is making a smart move with it's Smart for two.

( However, ... why is it that I expect an announcement next year ... "will begin production in China" ... )


Good that Daimler now follows to where their smart is already being produced :)



It will be interesting to see the price point there. This car is not cheap and the Chinese may figure that they can get more for their money with a different model.

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