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Electric smart Cars to Test Li-Ion Packs Next Year, Perhaps in LA

German magazine auto motor und sport reports that smart will begin testing lithium-ion battery packs in its smart electric vehicle next year. If the outcome is positive, said CEO Anders Jensen, the company may quickly decide on serial production.

The smart car, said Jensen, “is predestined for alternative fuels. We have the space and do not have to redesign the car for this kind of drive.

The company is currently testing 100 smart fortwo ed (electric drive) units in London (earlier post). The Li-ion trials might begin in Los Angeles, according to Jensen, the city in the US where the smart is selling the best.



I will believe that only when I see it !


"We have the space and do not have to redesign the car for this kind of drive"

In the future, I see the automobile standardized much like ATX. People will be able to buy a "shell" from a variety of companies and have a local coach builder assemble components ranging from the interior to the drive train. Vertically integrated companies, such as Ford, GM, and even Toyota, will either fade into irrelevance or split up into relevant component companies.

Charles S

The automotive business pretty much make its money on proprietary parts. The industry lobby hard to ensure that regulations favor domestics and new start-ups have to fight an uphill battle. Standardization is pretty much the last thing that will happen in today's environment.


The companies standardize within, but not outside. They may use components across many models and there may be similarities between brands, but that is about it.

Car makers would make proprietary batteries and tires, if they could get away with it. Being in the after market business is a behind the curve activity. The car companies seldom tell those people what they are planning to do. They communicate with component suppliers in confidence.


I've seen two Smart cars here in San Diego in the past month, so the are selling here, too. A Smart with 80+ mile range would be perfect for my daily commute and any errands I need to run with some buffer room just in case.


I good marketing ploy might be to team up with a car rental company. Mercedes and Hertz could say we will rent you a car on the weekends at a discounted rate for the first three years. It would be admitting a range shortcoming, but I think people already know that.


Great. More EVs. What's not to like except maybe the form factor.


Designing this "stupid" little car as a "dirty" diesel burner made no sense whatsoever. As an EV, it's the smartest thing ever.

In fact, when I saw my first "stupid" car on the road, I thought that it was an EV and the "smartest" thing ever. I was all set to buy one until I learned that it was none of the above. If somthing is going to look "stupid", it better have some really "smart" technology to offset its appearance.

Let's GO with this new "clean" and quiet EV technology and keep the price down so that we can afford to show off our new "smart" car.

~ Erik
Toronto Prius and Hybrid Group (

"Planet Earth is a No-Idle Zone"


Building autos in America is foolish. There are roughly 4 billion hands in Asia and India seeking labor. The Tata (India) is a very cool little car for $2500! The ideal car for the US is an electric car that can plug in and charge at home in off peak hours, with a charge distance of 500 miles, and a concerted effort to build nuclear electric generation to supply 85% of our energy needs just as France has already done. China and India will undoubtedly turn to nuclear electric generation and we Americans invented the technology and we should lead the way. Regardless, America only hurts itself when it goes after silly strategies like ethanol. Oil is too valuable to burn instead it can be used for synthetics and speciality gases. Electric and Nuclear are clean technologies. Nuclear waste is a small problem compared to the cost of oil wars and having to negotiate with irrational dictatorships.

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