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Mazda Motor Corporation will receive the “Outstanding Technical Paper Award 2008” at the 58th Annual Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (SAEJ) awards ceremony to be held in May. The company is being recognized for a method for the in-depth analysis of the combustion mechanism of catalysts in diesel particulate filters.

Mazda has been conducting research into more efficient combustion mechanisms to eliminate particulate matter from diesel engine exhaust emissions. Active regeneration of diesel particulate filters can use a variety of mechanisms to enable combustion to remove the particulate matter (soot) that accumulates in the filter. All the mechanisms, however, require extra fuel—although the amount will vary based on the strategy—which is one of the causes of impaired fuel economy.

Mazda developed an original analytical method which demonstrated that the oxygen exchange characteristics of catalysts play an important role in accelerating the combustion of particulate matter.

Specifically, the Mazda researchers investigated oxygen storage components (OSC) based on cerium (Ce) for their ability to reduce the oxidation temperature of diesel particulate matter (DPM). A cerium-praseodymium (Ce-Pr) composite oxide provided the largest reduction in DPM oxidation temperature. Oxygen isotope tracer experiments revealed that oxygen released from the cerium oxidized the DPM at a lower temperature than the oxygen from the exhaust.

Mazda will leverage its new analytical method to find ways of accelerating particulate matter combustion in order to significantly reduce exhaust processing times. By developing this technology, Mazda intends to cut the fuel consumption of future models and achieve cleaner exhaust emissions, together with reduced CO2 output.

In 2007, Mazda filed a patent on a new catalytic material for removing diesel particulates. The material is a composite oxide which contains zirconium as a primary component and a rare-earth metal except for cerium and yttrium. The composite oxide has a crystallite diameter of 13 nm to 40 nm.

Additionally, the newly-developed analytical method can be applied not only to automobile diesel engines, but also to general-purpose diesel engines. The award recognizes these achievements, which provide tangible development guidelines for a wide range of future diesel engine technologies.

The 2008 SAEJ award will be Mazda’s fourth SAEJ award since 2005.




Now this award for excellence in preliminary research hopefully leading to reduced particulates & carbon dioxide levels in diesel exhaust? Why is this award...awarded? Everytime I mention diesel ultra-fine & nano particulates causing lung & heart disease, I am assailed by diesel advocates who treat me like Kung Fu Grasshopper, being taught by the 'Know Mores' that diesel is clean & not detrimental to kids living near freeways. So why this award? I've been taught by the 'Know Mores' that children can breath diesel fumes without fear of contracting lung or heart diseases. See, Grasshopper can learn.


Wouldn't you say then litesong that diesels are more suited to the less population dense North American market with longer travelling distances? I've always thought this was a bit perverse, considering North Americans like the big torque numbers that can be provided by a small diesel.



stas peterson


You have now been introduced to the religious bigotry of the newly converted true believers to the newly founded animistic religion of GAIA.

I have said more than once that I agree that the US should never allow diesels into the country until they are as clean as the hard fought for almost clean standards for gasoline vehicles.

The Greens have now decided that the way to get power for themselves is to trumpet the hypothetical problem in a couple of hundred years of CO2 to the detriment of any obstacle, such as fighting genuine toxic pollution.

Now that they are hoist on their own petard, with the asininity of green electricity, and green biofuels exposed; they are anxious to cave on "unnecessary" real toxic pollution standards, to continue to pursue the ephemera of Global Warming by CO2.

These individuals can not be approached logically. They are full of the faith from their new ideological revelation.

If you asked them how come all the species adapt to a an annual temperature change of 50-75 degrees, winter to summer, but will somehow go extinct if the temperature increases by half, or one degree in a hundred years, they never listen. Nor do they answer.

As no logical answer is possible.

Instead they change the subject to another article of faith. They mutter that the biblical flood is coming. When it is pointed out that the polar ice caps on Greenland or Antarctica would take at least 25 millenia or more to melt. If indeed, if the temperature actually warmed enough to melt ice. They ignore that and talk of inundation like Noah and his ark are happening the day after tomorrow.

They believe that hellfire and brimstone is about to happen; as the ancient Christians did 2000 years ago or the visionary Communists of 50-75 years ago did. If a little genuine pollution is necessary to accept, for the program, so be it.

How do you think Russia and China turned into such polluted hellholes?

Keep the faith, and do not allow those who would relax real standards for a chimera they worship to succeed. Euro Greens say the "clean diesels " of Europe are good enough. Let them in. The hated Mr. Bush did not cave, and the T2B5 still stands. A negative accomplishment, but still a success, nonetheless.

I agree with you. We should not be satisfied and should be pushing for an update from T2B5 to T2B2 as I have long advocated, ASAP. Instead we get lawsuits to define a necesaary trace gas as a pollutant, and attempts to grandstand for limits in the far future. Limits that make great campaign agitprop, but are meaningless.

The blowhard Socialist Greens of the EU talk a fine talk, and talk, and interminally talk. They might go along in toughening standards, in 25, 50 or a hundred years, but not anytime soon. So children breath ultra-fine PM, the inferior masses must sacrifice.


Stan....Never thot Grasshopper would be used as a platform for launching missiles to destroy what he believes...but you did Stan....I think. Its getting harder to understand you. Maybe is easier just to ignore you. Grasshopper ignoring Stan.


Just wondering if mazda's rotary engine would be more efficient or have any advantages being used in a hybrid such as chevy's volt if it were specifically designed to run as a generator vs a standard piston engine??


Dear stan/stas,

Your fervor surpasses that of any fundamentalist (environmental, religious, political or otherwise). It's a textbook case of pot calling the kettle black.

Get a life.

Bible Timeline

I have always conceived of the God of the Bible as an engineer before he is a king. Unlike any other king, he is the maker of his realm, and as a perfect being, he must clearly put perfect thought into perfect design and then into perfect form. I admit that I believe in the creation story, if just not quite the timeline that is literally associated with it by young Earth creationists. For certain reasons, reasons I won't go into, I can conceive of how it is possible.

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