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Monsanto and Mendel BioTechnology to Collaborate on Seeds for Biofuel Crops

Monsanto Company and Mendel Biotechnology, Inc., a functional genomics company, will collaborate to enhance the development of Mendel’s BioEnergy Seeds & Feedstocks business.

Mendel and Monsanto have worked together on the development of biotechnology traits in many crops, including corn, soy, cotton and canola. In this new collaboration, the two companies will apply Monsanto’s expertise in crop testing, breeding and seed production to perennial grass seed varieties Mendel is developing for use in biofuels and other commercial applications.

Founded in 1997, Mendel Biotechnology has identified and patented the use of genes that control many aspects of plant growth and development, and is using such inventions to develop or co-develop new plant varieties. In March 2007, Mendel Biotechnology acquired the entire Miscanthus breeding program from Tinplant Biotechnik und Pflanzenvermehrung GmbH, a German breeding and plant science company. (Earlier post.)

Mendel sees a bright future for second generation biofuels. We recognize the need to continue growing our capabilities and expertise to enable us to best serve farmers and refiners with proprietary seed products. Monsanto is the global leader in the development and commercialization of high-value, sustainable seed products. We are excited to work with Monsanto’s outstanding technical team to enhance our ability to create high-performing dedicated energy crops.

—Neal Gutterson, president and chief executive officer of Mendel



This outfit gives me the creeps.

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