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Opel to Introduce New Insignia in July at London Motor Show

GM will introduce its new Opel Insignia car at the London Motor Show in July. The model will be a platform for a number of conventional gasoline and diesel powertrains, and will subsequently offer an EcoFLEX version (earlier post) offering very low CO2 emissions in addition to other, more powerful variants.

The Opel Insignia.

The Insignia will launch with seven engines. All meet Euro 5 emissions standards and come with either manual or automatic six-speed transmissions. The four gasoline engines range from a four-cylinder 115 hp unit to a V6 with 260 hp. The three new direct-injection diesels feature a displacement of 2.0 liter and outputs spanning from 110 to 160 hp.

The Opel Insignia sets new standards in technology and innovation—this will be obvious right from the launch. But we are keeping several cards up our sleeves when it comes to environmental compatibility, excitement and safety, which we will play strategically overtime.

—Alain Visser, Chief Marketing Officer, GM Europe



Why is it that GM can only produce cool cars in Europe? Their cars over here are so completely unappealing and sure enough, they are losing money almost like they are trying to. And then they whine that nobody wants to buy their cars while producing wonderful cars in Europe and not bringing them here. The Opel-ization of Saturn is a good start. Now let's see some Diesels!


I've never been able to figure out the phenomenon that Peter describes either......most of GM's cool cars are designed and sold in Europe - and never make it here to the US. My theory is that GM is still loaded with empires and fiefdoms; their US design beauracracy would "look bad" (job security would be threatened) if it started adopting too many superior European designs.

Ross Nicholson

I disagree. "You came in that? You're braver than I thought!"

GM's cars are excellent. American designs are generally superior for American road conditions.


Are you implying my Jetta is somehow unable to handle American roads? I will take my 8 year old Jetta over any new car produced by GM, Ford or Chrysler and currently available in the US. My Jetta has been trouble-free and it is not because I drive like a little old lady, because I don't. The car comfortably cruises at triple digit speeds when conditions allow, something I would not try in a Suburban, Lincoln Town Car or Dodge Caliber, among others. And when conditions don't allow, which is most of the time, it works just fine too. Would I drive it through a stream? No, but I have never needed to. I park my car at the trailhead and use my mountain bike for that.

"The Opel-ization of Saturn is a good start. Now let's see some Diesels!"

That will continue. Diesels too.


I wonder if GM is just reducing the number of union workers at their U.S. plants. For years, the engineers at GM have had great ideas only to be told no by the management. Risk is one of those things managers avoid. Management knows that if they say yes and it fails, they are in trouble. If they say no, then they can not get into trouble. Saying the company would have done better if the answer was yes is just speculation.

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