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Saft Wins Follow-on Li-Ion Supply Contract for US Army Hybrids

Saft was recently awarded a multi-year follow-on contract by BAE Systems’ to provide 4 kWh Li-ion battery packs for Manned Ground Vehicles (MGV), a family of hybrid electric combat vehicles for the US Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) FCS program.

Through this new contract, Saft batteries will support BAE Systems’ Common Traction Drive Subsystem (TDS) for the FCS. TDS is a series-hybrid drive system that will provide vehicle propulsion, steering and braking, and regenerate electrical power from braking and downhill grades for use in vehicle electrical systems.

The battery pack will power hybrid electric propulsion and vehicle start and features a unique module by-pass that allows up to two modules to fail while battery operation continues. This very high power Li-ion battery pack was selected to meet the MGV program’s Battery Pack, High Voltage requirement because of superior performance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.



Not to mention the need to withstand bullets!


Module bypass...doesn't need to withstand bullets. Just avoid having more than 2 battery modules getting shot.


Patrick: good point, but I was thinking of a more flammable chemistries reaction to bullets.

Harvey D

A very good way to promote development of high reliability mobile lithium batteries for future improved hybrids and PHEVs.

Lower cost, higher capacity versions may come out latter.

Good mid and long terms investment.


Yeah, but the battery packs are probably situated somewhere within the vehicle that if bullets reach it the occupants are probably already shot up (speculating based on battery locations in passenger vehicles and the likelihood of the enemy targeting the occupants and not intentionally aiming at the battery pack.)


some of the lithium chemistry are not flammable when shot or punctured.. anyone knows what kind they are using here?


- Positive: lithiated metal oxide
- Negative: carbon
- Electrolyte: organic carbonate blend + lithiated salt.

No doubt they (Saft) are investigating other chemistries.


Generally the design intent for modern US military vehicles is to protect the soldiers/occupants. Explosive and/or flammable components (such as a lithium ion battery pack) are kept outside the crew space, and the heaviest armor generally surrounds the crew compartment.

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