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Tesla Motors Begins European Sales

Tesla Motors is expanding sales of its Roadster to Europe, where customers can now reserve the electric vehicle for delivery starting in spring 2009.

Production of 250 special edition Euro-spec Roadsters will be allocated for the entire EU region for 2009. This special edition, fully-loaded car is priced at €99,000 (US$157,000) excluding VAT and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

The Tesla Roadster went into production in the US on 17 March; more than 1,000 US customers have reserved a Tesla Roadster. While US demand is likely to exceed production capacity in 2009, according to Tesla, the special allocation of 250 euro-spec roadsters will be reserved for the first European customers.

The first official display of the Tesla Roadster in Europe will be at the Top Marques Monaco event from 24-27 April.



Makes sound business sense while the dollar remains so weak.


Fun, Fun, Fun on the Autobahn? What is the max speed of the Tesla?


First, satisfy the rich with over consumptive EVs. Make less consumptive EVs that the Earth needs, second. Sounds about obey the 1st law of Economics.
Will the 2nd law of Economics compromise the Earth further? make over consumptive EVs for less rich people.

It's more important to surround the gas guzzling SUV's with all kinds of efficient alternatives so that they will have no choice but to change. Hybrid buses, trucks, sports cars, mini SUV's etc. all help to drownd out the old way of doing things.

The 1970's left a bunch of small efficient japanese cars and rusting Vega's and Pinto's as a legacy. This decade will at least leave a legacy of Hybrid Prius, Insite, Accord, Camry, Lexus and Explorer that will be used for decades. And when the cars finally die, the parts will live on and be used in many different ways by the tinkers in our society to inspire for the future.


litesong: exactly how do you figure that going 350 kilometers on 56kwh of electricity (the equivalent energy of less than 6 liters of gas) is over consumptive? Expensive? Yes. Over consumptive? I don't think so.

George K


So you like rich people or you hate rich people?


I do not think that 250 or 1000 cars will change the world or upset any delicate balance. They have a status image for this car that commands a premium price. There are wealthy people that see this a nice toy to have in their garage.

People and companies have catered to the rich for a long time. It is one way of making money and that is their choice. They are not using all the world's resources to do this. People build million dollar yachts for the rich. It may be a waste of resources, but it does not throw the world into a tailspin.

stas peterson


Europeans may get Tesla vehicles in early 2009. Is the Tesla, with a few demonstration vehicles, becoming 'vaporware' before our very eyes?

If the schedule keeps slipping, will there be an electric Porsche or electric Corvette alternative be already for sale?


Stas, the schedule isn't slipping. In fact, the schedule for European sales has been moved forward, not backwards.


Why more Euros than dollars ? I was hoping it would be the other way around.



You make a good point. If it takes $1.50 U.S. in exchange for $1 Eurodollar, then the Tesla should be purchased with fewer Eurodollars than U.S. dollars.

1/1.5 x $100,0000 U.S. dollars is about E66,667 Eurodollars.


Most probably this is a loaded up version that somehow justifies the Euro expense (or maybe Europeans are just richer than Americans.) But the added market and revenues bodes well for this silicon valley startup that is actually shipping a well-received, hot EV. Tesla said they would build this car four years ago and have made it happen with very positive results: 1,000 pre-orders @ $95k. Their next offering halves the cost and is far more family friendly. Entrepreneurs at work.

Stan Wellaway

May 15 2008 - Popular UK journalist and tv panellist Rosie Boycott test drives a Tesla

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