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TNT Launches Australia’s First Hybrid Truck Fleet

A Hino hybrid truck.

TNT Express Australia has put 10 Hino Hybrid trucks into service, becoming the first business in Australia to start operating a fleet of diesel-electric hybrid as replacements for conventionally powered vehicles.

Speaking at the official launch of the hybrid truck fleet in Sydney, TNT Express Australia Managing Director Roger Corcoran said the new vehicles would reduce TNT’s greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 kilograms of CO2 a year per vehicle.

This is an historic first step by TNT Express in Australia to prepare itself for the inevitable emergence of a carbon economy. TNT accepts that climate change is a reality and we believe that all businesses must adopt new strategies in order to meet looming carbon emissions reduction targets.

—Roger Corcoran

Hino introduced the Dutro Hybrid in November 2003, and released a new model in 2006. TNT first began trials of the Hino Dutro hybrid in 2004. The hybrid combines a 4.0-liter 110 kW (134 hp) turbodiesel engine that develops 392 Nm (289 lb-ft) of torque at 1,600 rpm with a 23 kW, 143 Nm electric motor and a six-speed transmission. The battery pack is a 273V, 6.5 Ah NiMH system, with liquid coolant battery pack.

TNT tests showed that under real-world operating conditions, the Hino Hybrid truck emits 14% less carbon dioxide than a conventional diesel-engined truck of equivalent size. The hybrid vehicle also reduces NOx emissions by almost half and PM by 98.9%.

TNT is taking a fairly pragmatic approach to this and will consider putting more hybrid trucks into service as and when new trucks are required.

—Roger Corcoran

TNT is installing a certified system to measure, report and manage its CO2 emissions.



All urban delivery trucks should be replaced by electric or hybrid trucks as soon as the price difference becomes low enough.

Their duty cycles are made for electric drive, but they may need a range extender or traction ICE for longer range.


As a commuter cyclist exposed to a lot of truck exhaust, I love that particulate matter reduction figure.Keep on rolling out the light truck hybrids.

Climate change is already hurting us badly in Australia and it's great to see so many businesses taking a no-nonsense, practical approach to emissions reduction.


A lot of local trucks here could at least be CNG powered. They don't need the range, but we could all use the clean air and less oil consumption.





kia ora well done tnt i am a truckie in new zealand and i believe that the way tnt are going nz will follow in suit, i would like to purchase a 6wheeler curtainsider with a tralor unit, however at this stage i do not have the funding but here in stratford taranaki where all the oil is i have a clientel with farmlands and hoping to get a contract with fonterra, can tnt assist me in maybe doing a joint venture or whatever to make it happen on this side of the tasman, thanku


It is probably best to contact them directly. I have no idea if they even read this blog. It is a shame when people that could use the technology and help things along can not afford it. That is the world we live in and the one we have to deal with however.

Ed Newman

Here is USA... ready to buy a bunch!

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