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Toyota to Build Second Plant in India, Produce Low-Cost Compact

Toyota Motor Corporation will build a second plant on the site of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (TKM), its automobile production base in India.  The new plant will produce passenger vehicles, including a new, low-cost compact.

TKM is aiming for its second plant to begin operations in 2010, with an initial annual production capacity of some 100,000 vehicles, with plans to increase that over time.

Output from the plant is targeted at India, where motorization is expanding rapidly, although the new compact vehicle is also expected to be exported to other countries in the future.

Currently, TKM produces the Corolla and the IMV series Innova minivan, with annual production in 2007 of 52,000 vehicles (an 18% year-on-year increase). Once production begins at the second plant in 2010, the two TKM plants will have a combined annual production capacity of 160,000 vehicles.


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